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Facts & Questions

What do you mean by custom-built cabinets?

Our designers will meet with you to discuss your wants and needs. They will then customize your cabinets and storage solution to fit your space and the style of your home.  A written proposal and 3D drawing is then sent to you for approval. See our process page for more details. 

How long does the process take?

Once your project design is approved by you, we start the order process immediately. Redline Closet Systems state of the art manufacturing methods ensure your cabinets will be completed and shipped quickly and precisely.  Once we receive your cabinets we will schedule an installation date. The installation process typically only takes a day or two depending on the size of your order.    

How do I clean the Cabinets?

Cleaning your cabinets is easy.  Our cabinet surfaces are resistant to almost all dirt, grease, and grime.  Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or use a simple household cleaner for more stubborn grime.  

My space is unusually shaped. Will your cabinets and organization solutions work for me?

With more than 500 cabinet choices, you can be assured that we will fit almost any situation.  If spaces are tight, we have cabinets designed to fit in spaces as little as a seven inch clearance. Your final installation will be designed to fit your space like a glove.  

Why are your cabinets better than the big box stores?

First, we offer more than 500 cabinet choices in a range of styles and sizes.  This ensures we have a storage solution for everything you want to store.  Cabinets from big box stores are limited and don't give you the same flexibility with design, size, and style.  Second, our cabinets are durable.  They are scratch and dent resistant.  They are also resistant to most common household chemicals. Lastly, is our reasonable prices and knowledgeable sales and design team. We simplify the process so you can enjoy a more organized home!

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